Late Summer Lawn Tips

Blair Milligan

Late Summer Lawn Tips

Warm-season grasses like Zoysia, Bermuda, and Centipede, prevail in our service area of Southeastern North Carolina and Northeastern South Carolina.  However, much like all turf, they require specific care during those late summer months to ensure they stay strong as another season approaches.  Here are some tips for late summer turfgrass management: August is the last month […]

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Insect on a blade of grass

Buggin’ Out?! Let’s Talk Insects!

Insects in your turf grass can be a nuisance specially during the growing season.  Successful management of them depends upon early detection before they reach damaging levels.  This can be accomplished through frequent turf inspections, looking for early signs of insect damage, ensuring that the pest is present, and administering the appropriate controls. There are many types of

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Let’s Talk Weed Control!

Weeds are unwanted wild plants that compete with other plants or grasses.  High-quality premium sod is typically weed free when you receive it.  However, almost all lawns end up having some weeds so it is important to establish weed control to maintain a healthy yard.  Here are have some tips that will help you should you end up

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