How to Choose the Right Sod

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Whether you’re looking for quality grass sod for your business or top-tier turfgrass for your backyard, picking the right sod variety is crucial.

Depending on your geographic location, certain varieties may be better suited to your lawn needs. In the Carolinas, you won’t do well to use northern grasses, like ryegrass or tall fescue. Instead, you’ll be looking more at breeds like Bermuda and Zoysia, Centipede and St. Augustine.

Here are the top 6 factors you need to consider before you place an order:

Local Climate

While some sod varieties prefer cooler, dryer weather, others tend to grow better in hot, humid climates. If your hometown gets exceptionally warm, your best bet will be to find a variety that boasts strong heat tolerance and drought resistance. All of our sod options — from Bermuda to Zoysia — are ideally suited to the warmer climates experienced across the southeastern U.S.

Soil Type

When it comes to turfgrass, not all soils are created equal. It takes a special kind of grass to grow effectively in sandy, acidic soils. If you’re based in a coastal area, Centipede sod is the way to go, flourishing in soils with pH levels as low as 4.5 to 6.0. Regardless, if you want to use a different variety, additives like limestone can help you reduce your soil’s acidity.

Sun Exposure

Some grasses enjoy sunlight so much that they suffer when there’s too much shade. So, if you live in a spot with lots of trees and tall buildings, you’ll need to make sure your sod variety has built-in shade tolerance. While Bermuda requires heavy sun exposure, Centipede and St. Augustine (along with our Innovation™ Zoysia variety) can handle a little more shade.

Watering Needs

In a similar vein, because of the varying root systems, it takes significantly more water (and watering time) to keep certain turfgrass varieties happy and healthy. If you don’t have the bandwidth in your schedule or budget to keep your lawn consistently watered, we’d suggest a hardier variety, such as Zoysia or Bermuda.

Foot Traffic

Of course, it’s important to consider how the turfgrass will be used. If your kiddos love to play in the yard or you’re looking for a heavy-duty sod for a sports field or golf course, Bermuda and Zoysia will be able to withstand the wear. But if you don’t expect your lawn to be worn too much, Centipede and St. Augustine will work just fine!

Overall Look & Feel

Last but not least…do you actually like it? There’s still room to factor in aesthetic traits like color and texture. Do you prefer your grass super soft or a deep green color? Here’s a breakdown of the varieties we offer:

Looking for an ideal sod for your NC lawn? Browse our warm season varieties, give us a call at (910) 386-9490, or send us a message! Our team is happy to help you find the perfect variety.

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