Icon Zoysia

Icon Zoysia® is the world’s first improved cultivar of Zoysia macrantha, a zoysia species that is known to be very vigorous, as well as more salt-tolerant and more drought-resistant that those zoysia species historically used in turfgrass breeding.

The product of a decade-long breeding program, Icon accentuates the inherit benefits of Z. macrantha while improving upon the aesthetics. The result? A thick, lush turf with a dark green color under a wide range of conditions, vigorous growth, exceptional salt tolerance, and improved resistance to large patch disease. US Patent No. PP21,789

What Sets Icon Apart From The Rest?

While Icon may look similar to other broad-bladed zoysia varieties, it is actually an entirely different species: Zoysia macrantha. In fact, Icon is the only improved turfgrass variety of this species on the market today. With that comes some added benefits over other similar varieties.

It is also worth noting that Zoysia macrantha has been shown to be more drought resistant than the other commercialized zoysiagrass species.

SS Assets Icon Uses
SS Assets Icon Color
  • Dark Green
  • Excellent salt tolerance
  • Vigorous lateral Growth
  • Resistance to large patch disease
Wear Resistance
Shade Resistance
Drought Resistance
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